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Women Learning the art of Chikan Embroidary in Lucknow.

Tashi Thread Craft

Reimagining Chikan and Zari

Step into the enchanting world of Lucknow's artisanal renaissance. Our empowering program elevates women artisans through immersive Chikan and Zari handicraft training. Beyond skill-building, we've established a dedicated Production Center, fostering economic growth and preserving Chikan and Zari craftsmanship. Be a part of this transformative initiative that empowers artisans, safeguards cultural heritage, and seamlessly blends tradition with modernity. Join us in celebrating the timeless artistry of Chikan and Zari.

Explore the Collection

"Explore our exquisite collection of Chikan and Zari embroidery products, each crafted with skill and passion by talented women from marginalized communities. Empower their artistry and shop with purpose, bringing unique stories and beautiful handcrafted pieces into your life."​

Our Team.

"Our dedicated team comprises passionate individuals committed to uplifting marginalized artisans. Together, we strive to empower these talented women, fostering a collaborative environment that celebrates cultural heritage through every intricately crafted Chikan and Zari masterpiece."

A Joint Initiative Of:

Tashi is Promoted by Sambhav Social Service Organisation
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